The Premier League is about to restart the competition in a few weeks. The Premier League has approved for each club to practice in full to get fit in time for Manchester United to practice vigorously and on Saturday past the practice. Old Course Trafford also In which Solcha had an interview that this practice, apart from continuing the form before the competition stopped The consultant is also trying to find new ideas into the team. Let's see what is interesting in this rehearsal of "Red Devils".
1. For familiarity
 After last week, we have seen the "Reds" practice at Anfield, while Arsenal have arranged a friendly match against Charlton in Emirates. Stadium to call for fitness as quickly as

possible. Manchester United began to move the practice field from Carrington to Old Trafford, which is a step back on their own home. Times since the 8th of March last

    "Red Devils" team held a share of 11 to 11 people, Captain Harry Maguire led the home team Red Shirt Bruno Affairs Anand's side led away shirt beige. With the referee being a fitness coach like Charlie Owen

    For the match, both teams tied 4-4 with the goalscorer for the home team, including Paul Pogba 1 goal and Marcus Rashford with 3 more goals (Pogba Assist 2, Mathis Assist 1, Fosu-Mansa Assis 1) The away team, Bruno, has two goals, with Maricilla and Mormonin each. Nueng Tung (Bruno Assist 2, Mata Ass 1, Maricill Assist 1)
2. Pogba vs. Bruno
 Many ghost fans would like to see the coordination between partners in the midfield like Bruno Fernandes and Paul Pogba after the French national midfielder is ready to return to full practice with the team. Over the past week we have seen pictures of them practicing together, including their free-kicking practice sessions.

    However, training in Old Trafford is divided into 11 teams with 11 people. On Saturday, Solcha arranged for the two to be opposite each other. After this, I have to wait and see whether the two will have the opportunity to practice in the same team or not, because they believe that the fans would like to see both coordinate perfectly as soon as possible. 
3. Comes with
 In this division, there are young stars familiar with the big team, including Mason Greenwood, Tahit Chong, Brandon William, and young stars from small teams. Like Nathan Bishob, 20-year-old Dan, who, in the training video, we have seen him show off some beautiful saves

    But the person to watch is the young midfielder Angel Kelcomes of the team in the future at Old Trafford is uncertain, after the contract of the contract effective only until June 30. And up until now, the News has not signed a new contract with the team at all. Amid rumors that Chelsea, Juventus and Barcelona are interested in him.

    However, Solcha still chose him to practice with the big team. Have to wait and see if after the Premier League has approved 5 substitutes, will he have the opportunity from Solcha to show their skills?

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