"Jesse Lindard" became the Red Devils fan club's name and didn't feel much, especially in the form of playing on the pitch, which was disappointing throughout the season, as he is now aging. 27 years ago, which was supposed to be the peak form of being a professional footballer And the latest game against Norwich City in the FA Cup, he has the opportunity to prove himself by playing for the real but failed again. Will this be the last chance for Linkard with Manchester United?
Before the game with Norwich City, Solcha said of Lindard: "He came back from locking down with a smiling face and full energy. He was ill last week but we have checked. He is fine and will participate in the Norwich City game. "
"Hopefully he entered the form again. He scored important goals for us. And is still an important player for us We have to wait and see what the future holds. But now he is more fit and focused on the game "
That shows that Solcha is still confident in Lindard, even though he has provided countless opportunities in the first half of the season. But after the game with Norwich City once again he disappointed the manager. He can't help with the offensive line, especially in the first half when the team fires in the frame. If still looking optimistic, the Solcha draw to play on the left bank May prevent him from playing because he is not his position With the fitness that is not yet full, since starting the real player is the first game since returning to restart    
However, it is interesting that, after this, will there still be a chance to enter the field again for the rest of the season as Bruno Fernandes is still accepting the concession as an attacking midfielder? The former Lisbon footballer will certainly hold all the remaining matches in the Premier League for sure.
Division in the FA Football Cup The cup is usually a substitute for the likes of Lindard, but once it comes into the semi-finals, this is a cup that Solcha must grab as a good starting point for the coach. This encountering Chelsea is not an easy job. So there is a high chance that the coach will organize a big team to play  อ่านต่อได้ที่ เว็บแทงบอล