"Klopp" raises the team form in the Palace attack game.

Jürgen Klopp, Liverpool manager Suho Despite having no football fans to cheer on at the Crystal Palace 4-0 home open game, while Trent Alexander-Arnold Point is the most important victory.
Liverpool manager        Jurgen Klopp praised the team for showing their form in the best form. While also creating a great atmosphere on the field After the army "Reds" opened the nest Anfield drove Crystal Palace 4-0 in the English Premier League on Wednesday 24 June ago. 
Even having to compete without fans As a measure to prevent the spread of the virus "Covid-19" but the game "Reds" is excellent played by Trent Alexander-Arnold Beautiful free kick for the team to lead 1-0 in the 23rd minute before Mohamed Salah hit the goal 2-0 minutes 44 
 After 55 minutes, Liverpool fled 3-0 away from Fabinho's beautiful long shot before coming to the final goal 4-0 in the 69th minute from Sadio Mané. This victory made " The Reds "dominated the Premier League table with 86 points from 31 matches, which they will guarantee a championship title if Manchester City can't beat Chelsea in the game. This thursday  
"Try to imagine If this game is full of football fans watching, the fans will probably see our great performance live. But despite having football fans I don't think we can play any better. Because this game, children Can play as if there are football fans on the field full Which the atmosphere in the stadium is amazing The attitude that my team members have shown in this game is excellent. Today we played really well. Which I like very much, "said the top 53-year-old German coach 
While Alexander-Arnold points out that this is a very meaningful victory for Liverpool. "I think it's a very important victory. We played well, which I think is not an easy game. After we were disappointed with the draw (draw Everton 0-0) on Sunday's game. "

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