Kid's friend! "Bruno" Martin Garden after being teased by the losers

Bruno Fernandesplaymaker Manchester United counter back to Nemya Matich, a fellow army player, after being teased by his own team losing to the blood of the Serb team. In a warm horseshoe game On tuesday ago After canceling the warm-up game against Stoke City because their manager is infected with Covid-19
Bruno Ferdinand, a Manchester United captain of Manchester United, prefers to play with the midfielder Nemanja Matich, a veteran midfielder after Serb's blood. Post a picture of their team winning, Bruno's team In a warm-up game against each other on Tuesday
31-year-old star posted a picture taken with D.O. Godaloh, Brandon Williams, Odeon Ikalo, Jesse Lindard, Marcus Rashford, Paul Pogba, Harry Maguire and Mason Greenwood with a message that says "winning team ???? @ brunofernandes.10. Have a nice day today. "
After that, Fernandes, who has done a great job since moving to Old Trafford in January, last. Replied with the tease that "This time I let you win Because I want you to be happy for the Premier League game. "
At the same time, a football fan tagged a message to Marcus Rashford whether he was the hat-trick in a warm-up game, the latest match or not. Did not answer in letters But send emoji as a blinking face image 
However, the warm-up games of the army, "Red Devils" occurred in time. After they have to cancel the Horseshoe warm-up program with Stoke City immediately due to the team manager Michael O'Neill. "Potter" has a positive result. From the infection of the Covid-19 virus

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