After having to accept the lancet to make himself survive, the latest Andy Cole, the star player of Manchester United, is open to fear that he is under 50 years, ready to reveal still dreaded. That one day the kidneys may stop working
Andy Cole, the former striker of Manchester United, the English Premier League giants of the English Premier League, said that he was afraid that he would not be alive when he was 50 years old, after referred to as having serious kidney problems.
The 48-year-old star has been diagnosed with kidney failure since June 2014, and in 2017 he had to undergo kidney transplant surgery. Because if not doing that grill, it may even lead to death Although the surgery was successful, Cole's health is still not that good.
Cole said: "I try not to look very far. And live day-to-day I remember well that I recently spent time with my daughter who was a great person. But that day I was extremely depressed. And she said to me - Father, Father has to live forever - that will be the words that I will remember all my life. In truth, I have always said to her - Listen, if your father is 50 years old, then you're happy - "
"Right now, there are only a few years left. I would be 50 years old. If I could survive after that, how would it be? Oh when considering various matters Which I have already met I would probably sit back and retrospect about the past. "
"The thing I fear the most is that all of a sudden One day I will wake up in a condition that my kidneys stopped working. I don't care about other matters. That is what I fear the most. I said to myself that - If the kidneys have stopped working How can we make ourselves so able to fight again? How can we get through it again? - That's what I'm most afraid of. "

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